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Health is one of the most important things in life. You can benefit from our vegan, plastic free and high quality supplements without any artificial additives. We produce the supplements in our own lab based on the latest (scientific) knowledge and insights.

When you add the right nutritions to your diet, your body can function so much better. Natural supplements can support your body's functioning. Our supplements are made in our own laboratory by Michael Eekhof, teacher in Biochemicals, medical labotatory interpretation specialist and orthomolecular therapist.

As a doctor, therapist, health care professional or pharmacist, you can order our supplements from the brands and Lipolife. You can get special discounts and give the supplements to your clients. Your clients will definitely benefit from the high quality supplements and unique formulas. Developed in own practice, proven effectiveness based on laboratory research.

Natural supplements support our body

Unfortunately many essential nutrients are missing in our daily diet. Think about pesticides and artificial food processing. This causes a deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals, which you treat with high quality natural supplements. finds it important to keep up their (scientific) knowledge and insights and uses the best resources. Because we produce our supplements in our own lab, we can assure they are vegan, plastic free, without any artificial additives, so that your body can optimally absorb the nutrients.

High quality supplements sets the highest standards to the resources they use for producing their supplements. Also, we produce our supplements based on the most recent insights and scientific research. We collaborate with universities, pharmacists, naturopaths and therapists in order to get the best combination of ingredients. Because we produce our supplements in our own lab we are able to test all product compounds extensively in order to get the best effects.


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