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Use the power of your own body

Be energetic and healthy and let Natuurlijk.fit support

Make your health the number 1 priority. With Natuurlijk.fit, benefit from an optimal effect with the best natural raw materials. We compile our formulas according to the latest knowledge and insights about herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Pro-Vital ondersteunt jou

Houd je lichaam energiek en gezond, dan werkt het optimaal op eigen kracht. Natuurlijke voedingssupplementen kunnen jou hierbij ondersteunen. Onze innovatieve ontwikkelaars werken met kwaliteitsproducten in de beste laboratoria van Nederland.

Schrijf als natuurarts, therapeut, zorgprofessional of apotheker Pro-Vital voor en jouw client profiteert van de hoge biologische beschikbaarheid in onze unieke formules, zodat het lichaam de werkzame stoffen sneller opneemt.

Natural food supplements support your body

Valuable nutrients are missing from our daily diet. This is caused by the impoverishment of agricultural land, pesticides and artificial food processing. The result is a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. You efficiently fill this deficiency with high-quality natural nutritional supplements. Pro-Vital continuously innovates with the latest insights and uses the best natural raw materials on the market. By using few fillers, capsules that are suitable for vegetarians and our tablets with low impact power, because only then will your body absorb the active ingredients optimally. In this way we offer a unique range.

Homegrown quality

Our raw materials meet the highest quality requirements. Of course we comply with Dutch and European legislation when composing our natural food supplements. In addition, we use the most recent insights from research and science. Our development team works together with the most prominent universities, pharmacists, biologists, naturopaths and therapists for an optimal composition. Production laboratories extensively test the product compositions

Be energetic and healthy and let Natuurlijk.fit support