About us

About Natuurlijk.fit

Natuurlijk.fit is founded in 2016 by Michael Eekhof, orthomolecular therapist, teacher in Biochemics and medical laboratory specialist.

We offer health professionals - like therapists, doctors, pharmacists and other naturopaths - the opportunities to order high quality supplements,  so that clients can benefit and improve their health. 

Because your gut health plays an important role in overall health, we developed a special interest and assortment in gut health. Our products consists of at least 50 different products for multiple health purposes, like mitochondrias, immune system, memory and top sports. 

About Michael Eekhof

I'm Michael, your orthomolecular therapist and advisor. I did Laboratory Studies in Alkmaar and Leiden. During my studies I did a few internships at Leiden University Medical Centre and Erasmus Medical Centre. For me things got clear: it was not my path and I wanted more, more contact with patients and help people. 

So I studied for Surgery Assistant for 3 years where I've learned a lot. Unfortunately I couldn't continue because I have the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which was bothering me too much.

In the meantime I went to high school and focused on Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. I was also searching for therapies for my symptoms and thus I discovered the world of orthomolecular therapy. For me it felt like I was on the right path. It is a perfect combination of patient contact, research and learning.

Why Natuurlijk.fit?

Vegan & plastic free

High quality supplements

Scientifically proven

Support and advice by an expert

High quality supplements, proven efficacy, based in scientific literature